Eleven Most Lucrative Medical Assisting Career Paths

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It’s no real secret that the medical industry is the fastest growing in the nation, and one of the single best career choices that you can make.  With rock solid job security, higher than average wages, and the ability to continue your education to advance your career, the medical field is one of the best choices for any college student to pursue.  Medical assisting is a popular entry point into the medical profession because it allows you to get hands on experience, make your initial steps in the field, and still allows you the freedom to continue your education.  While a job as a medical assistant isn’t as lucrative as others, with continued education it allows you to pursue a number of other career paths.  Here are eleven of the most lucrative.

  1. Anesthesiologists – These medical professionals earn some of the best money in the entire health field, and with good reason.  They’re responsible for one of the most important aspects of surgeries and medical procedures.  Like most of the careers on this list, you’ll need a fair amount of education beyond your medical assisting degree, but with it will come salaries of over 300,000 dollars each year.
  2. Radiologists – Like anesthesiologists, many people don’t realize just how much money a good radiologist can earn.  The average is just a hair less than anesthesiologists, and the amount of education beyond your medical assistant degree is comparable as well.
  3. Administration – Unlike other degrees, a medical assisting degree gives you skills that you can use to enter the administration field of medicine as well.  Administrators can earn huge salaries, so it’s worth considering if you like this area of work.
  4. General Surgeon – While the education you’ll need to become a general surgeon is very long and detailed, it is possible to continue working as a medical assistant and earn the required education to become a surgeon.  But you shouldn’t consider this without realizing the commitment and effort it will require from you.
  5. OB/GYN – Entering the field of gynecology and obstetrics is a great choice that many medical assisting professionals will consider.  You’ll need several more years of education to become either, but this field is one of the highest paying in the nation and your medical assistant degree is a good first step down this path.
  6. Nurse Anesthetists – These professionals handle nearly all of the job duties that an anesthesiologist does but with slightly less education.  In most instances, they perform their duties without the supervision of anesthesiologists.
  7. Physician’s Assistant – Another career path that requires a good bit of education, some medical assisting professionals still manage to complete the required education to become a PA, where they perform most of the same duties as a licensed physician.
  8. Nursing – This is perhaps the most obvious choice for a medical assistant, and the nursing field is constantly growing.  Registered nurses earn great pay, and holding a position as one makes it even easier to continue your education further.
  9. Physical Therapy – Using your medical assisting degree to leap into the physical therapy world is much easier if you’re serving as an assistant in the field, and a job as a physical therapist will greatly increase your salary.
  10. Respiratory Therapy – Helping provide breathing treatments and caring for those with breathing issues is a good career path and one that is easier to enter than many others.  With a medical assistant degree, you’ll have a great foundation to use as a springboard into this field.
  11. Phlebotomist – You’ll have many of the requisites to enter the phlebotomy field thanks to your medical assistant degree.  While it doesn’t pay as much as some on this list, it’s an easier transition to make initially and does include a significant pay increase.

A medical assisting degree is a great first step for your career.  All of these paths can be obtained with one, but you should be prepared for hard work and time commitments.  But the payoffs are well worth it in the end.


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